The pros and cons of mobile marketing

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Considering promoting your company via mobile marketing? It can benefit your company in lots of ways, here are a few points to keep in mind if you choose this route:

Cost-effective marketing

On the whole, mobile marketing doesn’t entail so great an investment as more traditional forms of marketing, like utilising the traditional print media for example. So it’s a more affordable and accessible way to promote your company, as the price point tends to be lower.

Timely results

You’ll also benefit from speedy results; there’s no waiting for your leaflets to be printed or distributed, or for your weekly paper or monthly magazine to be published. Mobile marketing is a speedy way to raise the profile of your business.

User friendly

The programmes you use to create mobile marketing tend to be cheaper and easier to use than those aimed at laptop and desktop computers. Your campaign will also be customer-friendly, allowing those who receive your promotions to download and use them with ease and convenience.

Short, clear and simple

The very constraints of a mobile screen are in fact its great advantage, the very restrictions on what you can create and display, meaning each message is reduced to its essence of being short, clear and simple.

This clarity of message is great for both you and your consumer, as there is no room for unnecessary detail, digressions or irritating add-ons. Moreover, this pared down style usually means the content adapts well to whatever mobile device your customers are using.

Track speedily

Unlike more traditional forms of marketing monitoring, where you may have to wait for a (costly) monthly or quarterly report, you’ll be able to track consumer’s responses almost instantaneously.

Mobile over email

Moreover, customers tend to keep their mobile numbers for longer than their email addresses, so use a database of mobile numbers as the basis for your marketing campaign, and you may achieve better results than an email based campaign.

The possibilities of viral

Mobile content is easy to share, so there is always the possibility that your customers will pass your promotions and communication on to others. It’s like word of mouth for the 21st Century, made all the more powerful via social media applications such as twitter.

A wider audience

As mobiles are popular even with those not bothered by laptop or desktop computers, your marketing messages have the potential to reach more people, representing a more diverse cross section of society too. Moreover, you can also target your message to a particular location or demographic too. So whether you want to reach a mass audience or a specific one, mobile marketing can help you.

Easy payment

Mobiles also make it easy (and quick) for customers to pay for your services – which is all to the good for your cash flow.

Mobile marketing disadvantages

So as you can see mobile marketing has many advantages for your company, but what are the disadvantages, well there are a few:

Mobiles are very diverse devices; they don’t all have the same screen size or operating system, for example, making it a little more difficult for you as a marketer to create a campaign that looks good and works on all devices though the simplicity helps. Moreover, reading and scrolling around a mobile advert can be difficult and time consuming, so not all consumers will bother.

You’ll also need to be careful that you respect the privacy of your customers, giving them an opt out option and respecting their decision; and just as with any customer information, you’ll need to abide by the data protection rules too.

So there you have an overview of the many pros and a few cons of mobile marketing, now it’s time to get started. To set up your new company and to ensure all matters of compliance are met, like company registration, contact an established company registration agent.

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