How important is customer service in the company formation world?

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Customer Service Is Key

There is an art to displaying top levels of customer service. It’s the kind of concept that most in business will adamantly say that they’re ‘committed’ and ‘passionate’ about delivering; but for one reason or another this can often be neglected, or even non-existent. From one company to the next each will have a slightly different philosophy on customer service, and maybe not so willing to invest as much capital or resource into this practice.

But is it natural for some organisations to almost disregard the communicational activity with a customer, post point-of-sale because of this industry they’re operating in? Very much so I suspect, when there are other areas of the business that perceivably require more attention. But this is where balance is important.

Focusing on the company formation industry; to the average person it looks of one of sheer simplicity, automated processes and a self-sufficient service. This is undeniably true to an extent, but there can (and there is) much more to it beneath the surface. A customer will want to process the order as quick as possible, as time is of the essence right? Well that’s certainly true, but at times it may not instil confidence in some customers as there is limited interpersonal interaction. A common view is that people want to feel they buy from people not businesses.

Personally I believe that if there is resource available; every purchase should involve some form of interpersonal communication. As from a commercial perspective, there’s so much more you can learn from taking the time out to listen to a customer. Equally from the customer’s perspective it’s their opportunity to discover confidence in the service and business and eliminate any scepticism attached to the buying process that they may have.

It’s pleasantly rewarding how some customers we speak to are genuinely surprised by actually communicated with a member of our team here and building the trust over the phone. It’s not always easy to put a face to the service or brand in this industry, but we’re very much keen advocates of this philosophy; and will continue to invest time and resource into this from now through into the future.

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This post was written by Chris Beck