How to successfully brand your social media platforms

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Social media, when used correctly can be very efficient mainly because it can target a great number of people at the same time and it is very cost effective tool of marketing your company.

A common mistake that are made when dealing with social media is companies not following their brand all the way through to their social media and this is something that you have to be looking into because keeping the same brand will make sure customers will recognise it when scrolling through their social media or when looking at your website.

When customers look into a business they not only look at your website, they will probably look into your social media pages also, and this will add to their opinion of your businesses because they will see if your social media is kept up to date and is reflecting your brand.

Social media pages and websites are usually easier to find and therefore most people will do their research on there, so something that you should be including on your social media is all the product or services you offer as well as having special deals to bring more people into looking at your social media which will then lead them onto your website and increase the organic traffic that your company gets online.

Look at your back-ground images:

Images can have a powerful impact on someone’s opinion, therefore the images that you will posting on your social media platform have to always follow a style and have to reflect your brand. This is not only the images that you are posting but also the colours that are in the pictures have to be reflecting the colours that your business uses.

Another aspect to note is having visual coherence between your website and your social media, because when customers are browsing through your website they will be likelier to recognise your social media is they look the same.

A mistake that companies can make is not aligning their main website and their social media sites to two different designs, which can likely make their customers disassociate the social media profile from their company therefore making it harder to target customers and create a brand image.

Pay attention to your profile photographs:

Your profile picture on social media can determine if a customer will click on your website or will keep scrolling, as this is a means of identification as people will base their opinion of someone or a company on just their profile picture. If this is something that looks professional and related to your brand, customers are likelier to look into your social media page and the chances of them accessing your website will increase.

A sensible option is to upload as a business would be a logo of the company as this will be recognised by your customers and they will know where to look to find your social media pages. Never skip the step of uploading a profile picture as companies who don’t have them will get up to 70% less traffic and attention than the ones that do, and this can be a drastic difference for a small company.

Listen to your brand’s voice:

Every company and brand have a voice and this is the way that your company communicates with your customers.

This works the same way as the images and profile pics they all have to reflect your overall company image. Therefore, if your social media reflects a friendly and casual brand then it has to be reflected in the way you communicate with your customers.

This also works if your social media is more professional, you would still have to reflect this in the way you communicate with your customers. mixing up the way you communicate with your customers will confuse them and this will make you less professional so your customer might lose trust. Being consistent with your social media is important and this can be achieved by having a small team looking after your social media as this will be easier to manage, so you will stick to the same brand image.

Be aware of competitors:

Always research your competitors to see what activities they are doing and what marketing techniques they are using to promote their products. This can be beneficial for your business as you could incorporate one of the techniques that your competitors use.

Post updates that remain true to your brand:

Making sure that you keep your updates branded is also important, as this will make sure you keep the branding persistent throughout all social media platforms having the same format so your customers can start assimilating your brand with your company.

Your customers will like your company because they will like the products or services you offer therefore keeping everything the same will make it easier for your customers to like your social media and get more known.

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