Key tips for running a successful business from home

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running a successful business from home

There are a lot of people who would love to run a successful business from home.  Although this can become challenging because new companies come with compliance. You will have to keep on top of a number of legal requirements.  It is also very important to keep some separation in your work and free time. This will ensure that you avoid stagnation during a vital period of development.

Here are some tips to help you start up your business from home:

Insure to Ensure:

Every business should get insurance on their company, and thus work the same way if you are working from home as you would still have to insure your assists to make sure that if anything happened your house and company are not connected.

This will not be expensive but if anything happened it can save you and your company substantial costs. It will then cover both you company and your house, and if you were to have clients enter your property, you may be advised to take out public liability insurance, another inexpensive addition to your insurance policy.

Paying Business Rates:

Keeping up with your payments is important because it will unsure that you stay within the law and that you will me managing your expenses accurately. There might be some business rates that you might have to pay on top if your council tax, when working from home. This will also depend if you will employees with your business, as your rates might change.

More than likely you will also be asked to pay these rates if you make some part of your house into your business were clients will visit on a daily. If you are ever unsure about how much you will be paying, give a quick call to the VOA (Valuation Office Agency) and they will verify if you are required to pay business rates.

Get an Accountant:

Some people may see accountants as costly and think they can handle their own accounts. Although listening to their advice and letting them organise your accounts so you are always up to date with all your payments can be very helpful. We work very closely with our partner company, Cobia Accounting, and you can get your first month with them free! They will be able to care of all of your accounts so you don’t have to and keep you up to speed with all your transactions.

For more information, follow the highlighted link above!

Remove the Distractions:

It is important that you put 100% into your business at the beginning because this is what will determine if your business will be successful or not. Therefore, removing any distractions from the work place is essential because you have to be treating it as if you were in an office.

This means you would have to organise yourself and set times of when you will work and when you will relax this will give you a guideline and you will be able to adapt it to the daily tasks.

Many people can be easily distracted and this can take time of work and therefore tasks will not be completed on time and our business will struggle to pick up. This requires self-motivation as you are your own boss and you will have to set your own rules as well as following them.

Check Your Tech:

Having the right technology in your business is imperative, as you will be reliant upon it and therefore you have to make sure that everything works properly and that what you have is suited for the work you will be carrying out.

Examples are purchasing the right laptop or computer, and the right internet broadband would be essential as it will help you in completing tasks in a shorter amount of time and therefore be more efficient.

If you used your phone to contact your clients and respond to e-mails, this wouldn’t be efficient because it is easier to make errors and also it looks unprofessional. Although having a work laptop or computer will not only look professional to your clients but it will make it easier to store your work and carry the daily tasks.

To ensure that your broadband package is of a necessary standard, you may wish to opt for a business broadband service. Not only will you will receive better, business-specific customer support should anything go wrong, you may also be entitled to compensation should a disruption in service occur.

Familiarise yourself with the technology that you will be using during working hours. While this may seem like a common-sense move, a disruption could lose you a days’ worth of business, which is a dangerous prospect in the early stages of development.

Don’t Let Solitude Take Over:

When spending most of your day of a busy office crammed with lots or people, most would wish to carry out their work from home and even thought this can sound very appealing It can also be somewhat lonely, as you will be spending all or most of your day alone in your house.

An idea could be for you to visit trade shows or industry events and network with like-minded people. This should not only expand your business audience but also relieve some of the feelings of isolation.

Take a Break:

Taking regular breaks during the day can make you more efficient as you will have time to gather some thoughts and take some fresh air making you proactive. Just because you are at home and at the end of the day you don’t leave the office it doesn’t mean that you should keep working!

Prepare a Contingency Plan:

It may be hard for some people to run their own business from home as it can be a bit too comfortable and you might start being more relaxed and getting less work done. Make sure you have an alternative plan in place if you are struggling to motivate yourself in a comfortable environment. You may find that renting a desk in a nearby office pushes you to be more pro-active.

Also, if you feel that your business is growing quite quickly, make sure you have something planned in case you need more work space for yourself or for any future employees.

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