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Does your company (or soon to be set up company) have a physical point of sale location?

We have identified 6 key aspects that we believe you should consider in relation to your company. Location is key, and many finer details of your company’s activities and branding should reflect and tie into how and where the point of sale is finalised.

  1. Type of operation. The location of your company should be consistent with your company’s particular image and style. You should settle on a consistent brandling guideline, with every aspect of your company tying into this in some way.
  2. One of the first aspects you should think about when setting up a company (if not the first) is considering who your customers are, and their proximity to your location and business activities. Keeping in mind the local/regional population is key to developing and expansion of your business. This will be key if you were to use direct marketing as a tool.
  3. Footfall and reach. Can people easily find you and access your business/shop? How many people pass through your business, can customers find you easily, is the business location well connected? Certainly some questions to think about.
  4. This is inevitable. But who doesn’t want a bit of friendly competition? You should have a good idea of which other companies are located nearby. An example is that you would need to know if the local/regional area is saturated with similar businesses/offerings, or equally if there is an opportunity to offer something new. On the flipside, you could also benefit from existing businesses, as they will bring in customer traffic.
  5. Does the actual building(s) add value to your business and offering, can you use this as a tool in your marketing and branding? A fairly common example is for businesses to tie in their building or immediate area into something well known in that region – brand aware could then increase exponentially.
  6. Utilities and costs. This will go without saying, but rent and property costs, will comprise a significant part of your expenditure. Reviewing the earlier points in this article, if you want the ideal location and significant footfall, it will ultimately come at a large investment.


As ever, if you would like to know more or want to discuss any of these areas then please contact us.

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