Our business address services; a quick breakdown

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As a quick reminder, companies formed within the United Kingdom are required by law to provide a registered office address, which acts as the official address for all the companies’ correspondence from Companies House, HMRC and other entities.

So whether you’re taking your first steps to researching the company registration process, or choosing your package, you may well have come across the address services that we offer here.

The three services (registered office, director’s office and mail forwarding services) are available for the simple reason to offer a virtual address service for both the company, and also a director within that company, as well the forwarding of the mail. We effectively take care of the handling and forwarding of the business mail, whereby that by statutory or non-statutory.

We understand that for some, you may not wish to publish the actual operating address, with a common example being that an individual would not want to be viewed as trading from a residential address. Also, you may be in a situation where the rental agreement at your property restricts the use of commercial activity. The address services are a simply way of providing that commercial address for you on the public record.

As the address takes our physical office address here in Nottingham in the Midlands, we receive the mail address to you immediately and subsequently handle and forward it directly ourselves.

Furthermore, we also understand that for many, the implication of perception in where the business is registered is imperative to their business; and hence why the address services are key to many starting up their life as a private limited company.

Our main rationale for designing the service is so you can instil trust with your customers, as I’m sure you’re aware it’s particularly important at the early stage of building and developing your business.

The forwarding of the business mail is sent within 48 hours (and this includes correspondence from Companies House & HMRC). If wish for a more digitally manage process whereby we can scan and store mail for you, then speak to us about this and we can arrange it.

We’re always happy and receptive to talk about these services in as much detail, and not to forget that you can find these services within our Privacy, All-inclusive and International Packages.


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This post was written by Chris Beck