Top 5 events every enterpreneur and SME should attend in 2018/2019

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For entrepreneurs starting their own business, events can be a good way to start planning what they will be doing for their business and tips to understand what to do and what to avoid. Events are good opportunities to network with different people who will be in the same position as you; and this will give you a list of contacts that you can always use in the future to form partnerships or to trade.

This is also an effective way to learn from the people who have done this before and been in your same position, therefore helping you in boosting your business plan and your expectations.

StartUp 2018/19:

There are different subjects that are discussed about at this event, including marketing on Facebook, how technology is affecting commerce, getting the best out of fund raising and how to undertake market research for the best results. This are all delivered through seminars by experts in the fields.  This will give a guide in which you will take what will be applicable for your business and therefore make the most out of it.

There are also different keynote speakers during the event that will give you some insight and advice on different topics to help your business grow and prosper. These include, Microsoft Chief Tech guru James Marshall (founder of the company Well and Truly), Sara Trenchman, and Toast Ale creator Rob Wilson. There will also be banks there such as HSBC that will give you advice and guidance on how to fund your ideas and what are the best plans to follow so you will maximise your sales and keep expenses low.

There are also franchise opportunities on offer as well as tips for branding your start-up, so you can make the most out of your ideas.

Next event date: 13th January 2019

The Business Growth Show:

This event aims to being every type of business together from small to large and everything in between. They aim to generate networking between different types of business as this might beneficial and bring new and interesting agreements between these businesses.

This also gives an opportunity for everyone attending to get some advice from experts in the business sector. This event usually holds between 50 and 60 exhibitions and they get up to 500 businesses attending. Therefore, giving the perfect opportunity for smaller business to get known and maybe land a deal with one of the bigger firms.

Next event date: Thursday 22nd March 2019

The Business Show 2018/19:

This is held at the Excel Centre in London, aimed for all of the small and medium sized business that want to start up. This gives attendees an opportunity not only to meet other people within the same industry but they also offer seminars and masterclasses from more than 170 experts in different industry sectors, therefore you will have the chance to learn new skills and tips on how to run your businesses.

Having so many different classes give every business an opportunity to join and learn something from this event.

Next event date: 14/15th November.

Global Entrepreneurship Week:

This is a global event that also takes place in the UK. Individuals attending have access to a wide range of information that you’ll then be able to use for your business. You will also have the chance to network through 35,000 activities and events that will run through different countries.

When attending these events, you will be able to gain important information about the different aspects of managing a business that can then be applied to your company to make it more successful.

These events are not only for learning new skills and information but also to make changes in the UK and have a voice for the smaller businesses, for example in 2016 there was a movement where small companies joined to make the Government provide better legislations for smaller businesses in the UK.

Next event date: 12th – 18th November 2018.

MADE Festival:

This festival is held in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and covers all aspects of when setting up a company and different tips on how to be successful. This festival attracts many different types of businesses and therefore, makes it a good place to start to meet new people and start networking as well as gaining essential skills that will be helpful when you will be running your own business.

Next event date: 9th November 2018.


It is essential for SMEs to network and get to know as many people as possible as this will give them opportunities to strike up new deals with other company or to become partners.

It is also very important to go to these events to gain new skills that you will be using in your newly formed business or gaining these skills can make it easier for you to make a business plan and get your company set up. Once you have an idea you can always give us a call or contact us through our website, and we will be ready to set up your company for you.

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