Dormant Company Accounts

Dormant Accounts are actually the Financial Statements of a Company where the Company is currently Dormant. It is just that when a Company is Dormant, the Statutory Accounts that are necessary to be prepared are referred to as Dormant Accounts.

Dormant Accounts must still be prepared on an annual basis and filed at Companies House and be made up to the Accounting Reference Date just like any other Company.

If a Company has been Dormant since the date of incorporation then it is possible to prepare the Dormant Company Accounts using the prescribed form supplied by Companies House. If, however, the Company has traded and is now currently Dormant this prescribed form is not permitted to be used. You must prepare full Financial Statements just like any other Company.

Our partner accountants, Cobia Accounting can assist you in preparing Dormant Accounts in either of the above cases.

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