Registered Office

The Registered Office is the official address of the company and is the address to which Companies House will send letters, reminders and notices. The Company's Registered Office must be situated in:

  • England and Wales (if your Company is registered there);
  • Scotland (if your Company is registered there) ; or
  • Wales (if your Memorandum of Association says that the Registered Office must be there).
  • Northern Ireland (if your company is registered there).

It is important to ensure the correct Registered Office is noted at Companies House as this is the address important general and legal letters will be sent to. The Registered Office address must be stated on all company letterheads and external email signatures.

Once a Company is formed, it cannot change its situation from one jurisdiction to another. For example, if the Registered Office is in Scotland, then any proposed new address must also be in Scotland.

The Registered Office address must be a physical address and cannot be, for example, a Postal Box address.

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