Striking Off the Register

This is a process by which a Company may elect to simply be struck off the Register as a cheaper alternative to a formal winding-up and dissolution of the Company.

In such cases an application is made to the Registrar on an appropriate Statutory Form and the Registrar may strike off the company if there is reasonable cause to believe that the company is not carrying on any business or has been wound-up and, after enquiry, no case is shown why the company should not be struck off. However, in such cases the company may be restored to the Register if it is just and equitable to do so. For example, if the rights of any creditors or members have been unfairly prejudiced.

In the event the Company does not file an Annual Return or Annual Statutory Accounts, or the company's file at Companies House effectively remains inactive, then in due course, the Registrar at Companies House will strike the Company off the Register.

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