Opening a Company for Non-UK Residents

We have specially designed a package perfect for your circumstances as a non-UK resident. You can expect to benefit from the following essential features:

  • Printed Incorporation and Share Certificate
  • Bound Company Statutory Register
  • Registered Office & Director’s Service Address
  • International Post Forwarding
  • VAT Registration service
  • Confirmation Statement Filing

These features have been bundled into our International Package, which has helped many of our clients get off the ground and begin business in the United Kingdom.

International Package

£135.99 + VAT

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Ideal for

Customers who are based outside of the UK. It includes everything a Non Resident would require in order to get off to the best start in business within the UK.

Once the company has been formed, an electronic and printed copy of or the certificate of incorporation and memorandum and articles of association will be sent to you via email.

Setting up a Company in the UK with Our International Package

Within this package, we provide a comprehensive list of features, which has been put together to assist you with the company formation process, and most importantly ensure you’re fully set up to begin business here in the United Kingdom!

All we ask is for you to complete an online application form, submit it and await for your company to be registered. It’s that simple.

But what’s included in this service? Some of the key features are show below:

Just a reminder that this package features unlimited company support before, during and after your company’s successful incorporation.

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