Confirmation Statement Filing Service

Our confirmation statement filing service costs £47.99 (for up to 10 shareholders) and allows you to take care of other business matters while we file your confirmation statements for you and send them across to Companies House. Our price includes the £10 compulsory online filing fee payable to Companies House.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a confirmation statement?

Once a year, you have to confirm to Companies House that the information they hold on record regarding your company is correct. It is the Registrar's way of making sure that all your event-driven filings are up to date. You can also use this form to notify Companies House of a change in your trading status or of any change in the shareholdings of the Company.

Failure to submit a confirmation statement, or failure to submit the return on time is a criminal offence for which the directors of a company can be prosecuted. The Registrar might also assume that the company is no longer active and seek to strike it from the Company Register.

How often do you have to submit a confirmation statement?

This is not a trick question! A confirmation statement has to be submitted to Companies House no later than 14 days after the first anniversary that a company is incorporated, and thereafter a year and 14 days from the last confirmation statement.

You may submit a confirmation statement early, and in doing so will bring forward the deadline of your next confirmation statement until a year and 14 days after that date.

Your Company also has a Confirmation Fee period, and this runs as a fixed 12 month period from the anniversary of the date of incorporation, and each anniversary thereafter. You can file as many Confirmation Statements as you wish within a Confirmation Fee period, but are only required to pay for the first one. Your Confirmation Fee period remains fixed, even when the due date of your Confirmation Statement changes.

What does a confirmation statement contain?

In it's simplest form, a confirmation statement will simply confirm that no changes have been made to the Company structure. However, if any changes have been made and the Registrar has not been updated, then the appropriate forms will need to be filed. You can also update on the Confirmation Statement the Company's principal business activities, and any changes in shared ownership.

You can choose our confirmation statement filing service as an add-on to any company formation package, or it can be purchased separately for companies which are already formed.