Registered Office Address Service

Why Use a Registered Office Address Service?

UK companies are required by law to provide a registered office address, which acts as the official address for all of your correspondence from Companies House, HMRC and clients. This address appears on public records and also needs to be displayed on your business paperwork and website. In order for it to be valid, it must provide a full UK postal address rather than a PO Box address.

Our registered office address service is beneficial for:

  • Businesses operating from home who would like to keep their residential address private (or another address that you would rather not make public).
  • Businesses restricted by a rental contract which doesn't allow you to use your landlord’s address as a registered office.
  • If you are operating a business from abroad and need a UK address to be able to form as a registered UK business.

Not only does our service enable you to use our London address as your business address, it also includes the forwarding of all correspondence from Companies House and HMRC to the address of your choice. Any statutory mail that we receive will be forwarded to you within 48 hours.

We also offer a comprehensive Registered Office Address Service (for £59.99 per annum ) and Mail Forwarding Service (for £35.99 per annum ) which includes all of your mail being forwarded onto you, rather than correspondence from Companies House and HMRC only.


  • Ensure that your residential address does not appear on the public register.
  • Use our prestigious London address as your company's registered office.
  • All Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs mail will be sent onto you within 48 hours.
  • No additional hidden costs (all Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs mail up to £60 is included).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this service also be used for company directors addresses?

Unfortunately no, these are not covered in this particular service. However, if you are a company director and would like to keep your address private, please see our Directors Service Address Services .

Our registered office address service can either be added to your company formation package, or purchased separately for those companies which are already formed.