Dormant Company Accounts Service

Important: the dormant company accounts service is not to be confused with our Confirmation Statement Filing Service.

What Is a Dormant Company?

A Company is Dormant if it has had no 'significant accounting transactions' throughout a financial period. If a Company’s only financial transactions have been limited to:

  • Payment for shares taken by subscribers to the Memorandum of Association.
  • Filing fees paid to Companies House for a change of Company Name, or the re-registration of a company or for filing confirmation statements.
  • Payment made in respect of civil penalties imposed by Companies House for delivering accounts to the Registrar after the statutory time allowed for filing.

Under these circumstances, the company is considered to have been Dormant and may take advantage of the Dormant Company Accounts provisions of the Companies Act 2006.

What Is a Dormant Company Account?

Dormant Accounts are actually the Financial Statements of a Company where the Company is currently Dormant. It is just that when a Company is Dormant, the Statutory Accounts that are necessary to be prepared are referred to as Dormant Accounts.

Dormant Accounts must still be prepared on an annual basis and filed at Companies House and be made up to the Accounting Reference Date just like any other Company.

If a Company has been Dormant since the date of incorporation then it is possible to prepare the Dormant Company Accounts using the prescribed form supplied by Companies House. If, however, the Company has traded and is now currently Dormant this prescribed form is not permitted to be used. You must prepare full Financial Statements just like any other Company.

Our partners, Cobia Accounting can assist you in preparing Dormant Accounts in either of the above cases.

Why Use Our Dormant Company Accounts Service?

A business’ accounts must be filed every financial year (or, within the first 21 months of the date of incorporation if filing your first accounts). Filing your accounts should subsequently be done every 9 months from the ARD (Accounting Reference Date).

Our service includes preparation of a set of dormant accounts and submission to Companies House for £83.99 . We will provide a completed copy of the dormant company accounts for your records, together with a submission confirmation receipt for that extra peace of mind.

However, if your company has already commenced trading, we can help with our free accountancy consultation, as we work closely with a firm of accountants that we can refer you to and who can provide you with accountancy expertise and advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What details I need to give out to file my dormant company accounts?

None. The only minor complication that may arise is if the company shares are paid or unpaid.

How long will it take to process my dormant company accounts?

48-72 hours (however, this does not include weekends and bank holidays. We always mark shares as paid by default, unless clearly specified as unpaid within 24 hours of purchase. It is highly recommended to purchase the service a minimum of two weeks before the due date of filing so as to avoid late penalties or fines.

This service cannot be used if:

  • The business has traded, even in a previous financial year.
  • You have filed a (SH01) Return of allotment of shares document with Companies House.
  • You don’t hold a valid Companies House web-filing authentication code (we normally have the code if you formed the company with us).

Our dormant company accounts service can either be added to your company formation package, or purchased separately for companies which are already formed.