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Nominee Shareholder

A Nominee Shareholder is a named person or body corporate who holds the legal title to the Shares in a Company on behalf of the Beneficial Shareholder/Owner/Investor of the Shares. The Nominee Shareholder acts in strict accordance with the instructions of the Beneficial Owner of the Shares, which is normally (and advisable) set out in an agreement. The Nominee Shareholder does not get involved in the day to day operational running of the Company.

By using Nominee Shareholders the true beneficial owner of the shares can be given anonymity and confidentiality can be safeguarded. All Shareholder´s information must be recorded in both the Company's Statutory Registers and at Companies House. Therefore, anonymity and confidentiality can only be ensured by using nominee shareholders.

Company Controller can act as a Nominee Shareholder for you. We have a special purpose company set up specifically to act as the "Nominee Shareholder" for any shareholder. Our Nominee Shareholder company will hold your Shares on your behalf. Please note that you will retain beneficial ownership and, as such, we transfer all voting and dividend rights straight back to the Shareholder.

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